Integrating Capacity and Strategy: A Handbook for Next-Generation Grantmakers and Grantees

by Brook Manville; C. R. Hibbs; Cristina Galindez Hernandez; Nicole Ardoin

Jun 1, 2014

During my last year at the Hewlett Foundation, I reflected back on my decade-long experience as a program officer and what I had learned from grantmaking successes and failures. I was struck by the fact that my own failed grants were overwhelmingly the result of organizational capacity problems—not strategy per se, not bad ideas, not insufficient funding or failed logic If you care about the performance of non-profit organizations and their ability to deliver on their goals over time, this handbook is for you. And when I asked my grantmaking peers at Hewlett and at other major foundations I found the same thing with the majority of my colleagues' failed grants: grant and grantee failure were overwhelmingly the result of organizational capacity failure.

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